Aerial yoga: the new workout trend

Women doing aerial yoga

The aerial yoga is getting more and more trendy. A lot of stars are practicing this new yoga style; Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of this training modality. So if you already do yoga and you like it, or even if you haven’t try it yet, give aerial yoga a shot, you won’t regret it!

What’s aerial yoga about?

Also known as anti-gravity yoga, this new workout method was born in New York and created by the american acrobat, choreographer and fitness professional Cristopher Harrison. In 2007 he founded the workout brand called AntiGravity Fitness based in his performance company. With this workout brand he created training programs based in aerial performances with hammocks and combining them with yoga, pilates and dance exercises.
The hammock used to do the yoga exercises acts like a swing or trapeze and supports the hips so you can do forward and back bends. This type of yoga combines the beauty of gymnastics and the yoga positions. Both are difficult workouts and helps the whole body to get fit and it’s really effective. Moreover, it is well known that yoga it’s a very healthy kind of training; it helps your back and gives you flexibility, but it’s also very calming and good for your spiritual side because it makes you feel emotionally better. It’s quite an experience to do the traditionnal yoga positions but hanging from a hammock and in the air. Why not trying it?

Two women practicing aerial yoga

What benefits does aerial yoga have?

Besides the benefits of regular yoga, the aerial type brings you additional ones. Take a look:

  • More flexibility and new body skills. In the air you have more freedom of movement so you can do more positions. Remember it combines gymnastics and yoga, both modalities improve highly your flexibility. Besides, it’s a new kind of workout so you will be doing new and improved movements that will develop new body skills, such as strength.
  • Your whole body works out. While you are hanging, gravity works harder on your body so your whole body and every muscle will work harder too. Almost all the body parts are forced to move and stretch. Your muscles will be toned and redefined, and your joints regenerated.
  • It has psychological and spiritual benefits. It puts you in a great mood. It helps rebuild your emotional system and it’s a stress-relief kind of exercise. Plus, the fact that you are doing something new and exciting makes you feel good and happy with yourself.
  • It’s good for your back. Just as yoga is good for your back problems, aerial yoga is better because it gives you the chance to hang freely and allows your spine to strech and lenghthen. It’s often use for physical rehabilitation because it decompresses your spine.
  • It also improves your balance and helps you being more focused. Logically, hanging out from a hammock helps working on your stability. As it’s a challenging situation you need to be more alert and aware, so it will help you being concentrated.

It is also very elegant, beautiful and sexy because it highlights your body. So, what are you waiting for? Try it now!