Crossfit: train like a pro and succeed

Woman doing kettlebell snatch

You have probably noticed that the crossfit centers have increase greatly in your neighborhood and city. That’s because crossfit has become the trendiest training ever. This effective sport is based in the United States security forces training, and the first ones that tried it were firemen and policemen. Crossfit has managed to make people do high intensity trainings that were once reserved to professional athletes. But, do you know exactly how it works? Here we tell you all the keys and details of crossfit in order to encourage you to get in shape. Don’t miss it!

Crossfit group training full snatch

Crossfit group training full snatch

What is crossfit about?

It’s a training modality that was born in 2000 in the United States in a gym in California, and based in the techniques used by the American security forces. The principle of crossfit resides in training your body by working different capacities and abilities, such as cardiovascular and respiratory resistance, muscular resistance, flexibility, strength, speed, agility, psychomotor activity, balance and precision. It seeks to do as many exercises as possible in as little time as possible and variating the training, there is no fixed routine and it’s a high intensity training. Besides, it’s based in team work; most of the time you have to do exercises with a partner. Crossfit is actually what is known as a sport performance training (SPT), which is the kind of training that the professional athletes do. It is more and more common that everyday trainings might be based in this kind of professional exercises. According to the International Health, Racquet & Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) the SPT offers much more than increased speed, power, agility and stamina for athletes and it’s not only for people who are looking for intensity or ambition. IHRSA explains that sports are a “universal language” and that you don’t need to be a “competitive athlete” to practice them.

What kind of exercises?

There is a great variety of exercises you can do in crossfit; one of the goals of this training is doing as much exercise as possible but in as little time as we can and keep on progressing this way, pushing your body to the limit, that’s why it’s important to do a variety of exercises to make it a challenge each time and end up controlling every discipline. In fact, the celebrity trainer Gil Reyes said to IHRSA that “routines are the antithesis of excitement” that is why crossfit is a good SPT choice. For example, it includes weight-lifting exercises and moving a lot of weight in big distances. It also uses gymnastic elements such as ropes, rings or sticks. Besides, in order to work the metabolic conditionning, you can also race or skip rope. Added to that, the results you get with SPT are more visible, rewarding, long-lasting and even funnier than any other routine training, according to Reyes.

Crossfit woman doing full snatch

Crossfit training. Woman doing full snatch

Why doing crossfit?

This kind of training is made for competitive people and who like to surpass themselves. The fact that you have to get through a circuit in as little time as possible it generates motivation and even adrenaline. It also helps concentrating because you need to be focused and coordinated in order to do the exercises correctly and in time. Crossfit also helps burning calories and fat and at the same time you are tonifying your muscles. Although, as it’s a heigh intensity training we need to be aware of our limitations and to know in advance that it’s a lot of effort and we might be unable to move for 3 days. But it will be worth it to have been locked up in the box (that’s how the gym is named in crossfit) and have done what ‘crossfiters’ call  the “work out of the day” (WOD), because in just a few weeks you can notice the results. Moreover, IHRSA gives you the clues and tips if you are a sports club owner and you are thinking of introducing crossfit to your activities or any other kind of SPT. They consider it a “highlight in your business” and recommend highly to introduce this kind of training into the program because it “opens a whole new market” and you will be able to “attract more leads”. The fitness business expert, Bill Parisi, is the one to give all the important clues to get a good SPD business, and that includes clubs, staff and equipment.


Reference: Training like the pros. “SPORTS PERFORMANCE TRAINING (SPT) isn’t just for the sports-minded” by Patricia Glynn.