The push-ups routine


Having a muscular and  well defined body is not only the result of gym workout. Thanks to this video you will learn  how to work out the pectoral muscles, the deltoids, the dorsals and even the abs by doing the push-ups at home. A complete table of exercises that will let you show your body off.

How to do the table of exercises of the push-ups routine

Remember not to do more than 15 repetitions per serie, because it would be contradictory, instead of increasing the muscular strenght  and gaining volume, you would be working on your resistance. Besides, a great amount of repetitions may destroy your muscles.

We suggest you do 3 series of 12 repetitons each, resting 1 minute between each serie.

What are the benefits of doing push-ups

Doing push-ups is not only good for your physical appearance, it has also lots of healthy benefits that will help your body feel better.

  • It increases your functional strength because you use a very large number of muscles. When you do push-ups you are training every major muscle and muscle groups in your body, such as  biceps, core uscls, triceps, deltoids… It helps you exercise the chest, abdominals, and lower back, and  it builds strength in the quadriceps.
  • As push-ups activate so many muscles, stretching those muscles also becomes parto of it and it’s one of the main benefits. Stretching improves your flexibility and helps preventing injuries.
  • Push-ups are a good cardiovascular exercise. Your heart needs to work harder to deliver oxygen-rich blood to muscle tissue because you are using many muscles. Cardiovascular exercises are good for your heart health.
  • When you do push-ups you protect your body from injuries. Your shoulders and your lower back are more protected when you do push-ups. You work the stabilizing muscles which surround the shoulders joints and so this area is strengthened. It also reduces osteoporosis development
  • Push-ups ca be done everywhere and you don’t need any kind of equipment, just your body. So it’s a cheap training which is a great benefit for your wallet!