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Healthy habits to get back to the routine

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Let’s talk about healthy habits bcause holidays are always full of excesses and so are summer holidays. Returning to the routine, schedules and the daily stress can be hard; that’s why we give you some healthy habits that will help you going back to the routine.

Following some healthy habits it’s important in order to have a healthy life and keeping your youth and in shape. Besides, it helps also in order to have an organized routine and it mitigates the effects of stress and the accelerated rythm that we have. Little by little we are getting back to work and leaving behind our great summer holidays at the beach. And as we have to get up early again and can’t stay late out anymore, we go back to work all day long, sitting in front of the computer instead of resting in a hammock with a mojito in our hand, or taking long walks at the beach with the waves caressing our feet, we need some healthy habits. Yes, it has only been a few weeks since you came back from your holidays and you miss it already. Don’t worry! With this healthy habits it’s going to be much easier getting back to the routine and you will live a healthier life. So write down every tip we give you:

  • Get back to some healthy habits and a balanced diet: And to an eating routine. It sounds silly but eating at the wrong time or every day at a different time can affect our physical and mental well-being. It’s good to have a schedule and to try respecting it so our body feels good, since it can influence our mood. Besides, it’s important to eat a lot of fruiFruitst and vegetables that bring you energy and vitamins to face the day with strength.
    In order to eat the five pieces of fruit and vegetables recommended as one of the greatest healthy habits, we suggest you add one or two pieces in each meal; for example you can have a juice and two fruits for breakfast, and the rest you can eat it during lunch and dinner. Having fruit during your breakfast will power up your batteries first thing in the morning.
    Another of the basic healthy habits is leaving behind those big summer meals that end up in you taking a nap. Light meals must be your aim in order not to feel so full and to be able to go back to work.  Take a look to our tips to avoid eating too much.
    It’s the same thing with dinners. There is no everlasting summer dinners between friends anymore; try to eat early and a small quantity so you can rest during your bedtime. Remember you have to get up early next day!
    Avoid fat and salt, and drink a lot of water. Water is essential in order to purify our bodies and eliminate toxins. It also ameliorates the look of your skin and hair and it will help keep your sun tan. Take a look to our tips to keep your sun tan this winter.
  • Do some exercise and move: It’s as easy as walking instead of driving your car, or biking instead of waiting for the bus. You can also go to the gym or work out at home. Sport is an essential inside healthy habits  if you want to eliminate all the stress you got from work and it liberates you. It’s perfect to face the post-vacation blues because it puts you in a good mood and gives you energy. If you miss the summer rythm, parties and music, we suggest you go to zumba classes. You can move to latin rythms and it will motivate you, it will be like going back to summer for a few hours and you will be working out and tonifying your body. It’s all advantages!
    If you prefer to work out at home and you want to get in shape, take a look to this method.Woman drinking water
    This way you will be able to mantain the body you managed to get this summer during the “bikini challenge”. Don’t be careless this winter!
    Sport is also good if you spend your day sitting in front of a computer. Moving is one of the most important healthy habits because this way our muscles and bones don’t become atrophied and it helps avoiding any kind of muscular pain. That is why we also recommend to stretch; you can do some while you are sitting at the office working. For example the neck rotation or stretching your back to loose your body, it will liberate your mind and you will be more concentrated. We want to keep the summer relax.
  • Give yourself a break and disconnect: You are already plugged and conected all day long, in front of a screen during the week at work, so try to avoid spending the weekend glued to your smart phone. Get out of your house, meet some friends, enjoy your city and take a walk, go to the cinema or the museum. It will be helpful for the bed time also, you will sleep better because your mind is not going to be tired and you will avoid eye fatigue and headaches.
    To sleep well is another of the basics healthy habits. It is important to sleep 7 hours per day to give your body and mind time to rest and regenerate. You will be able to get in bed early if you try to organize schedules. If you are stressed and you can’t sleep, try to do yoga and you’ll get relaxed. Watch this video yoga for beginners.

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