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LA Fitness introduces cryotherapy to 40 US centers

LA Fitness introduces cryotherapy.

The cryotherapy firm from Dubai, named Cryo, has signed a deal with the international gym chain LA Fitness to introduce their concept in 40 US sites. According to Abu-Dhabi’s newspaper The National, a new US-based franchisee company, LA Fitness Cryo, will offer cryotherapy treatments and the first one opened on October 15 at LA Fitness Hollywood branch. But what is the cryotherapy about? What kind of new beauty and health treatment is LA Fitness  going to offer? We explain everything you need to know about cryotherapy, check it out!

What is cryotherapy, LA Fitness new service?

It’s a health treatment based in applying cold temperatures to your body. Also known as the therapeutic use of cold, it’s used to treat tissue damages and the goal is to decrease cell growth and reproduction, inflammation and pain, increase cellular survival, promote the vasoconstriction. Nowadays it’s also used as a beauty treatment because it helps to loose weight and reduce cellulite. You can also apply the cryotherapy as a rejuvenation and recovery skin care. Many athletes use it as a muscle recovery therapy. It uses extremely low temperatures, such as -130ºC, and each session can last between 2,5 to 4 minutes.

LA Fitness introduces cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy reduces muscular pain. Photo: Cryo Health

What are the benefits of cryotherapy?

This new service introduced in the LA Fitness centers has 4 main benefits in different areas:

  • Recovery: It speeds recovery and reduces post-workout muscular pain. It has anti-inflammatory properties and also reduces swelling. It is a way to boost blood circulation, to increase energy, metabolism, muscle strenght and performance, it improves the muscle resistance to fatigue, releases endorphins… It is used in a medical way because of all its recovery benefits.

    LA Fitness introduces cryotherapy.

    Cryo chamber for a complete body therapy. Photo: Cryo Health

  • Weightloss: The cryotherapy increases and stimulates metabolism which is an important factor for weight-loss because it helps burning calories. It also helps eliminating water retention and reduces cellulite, it improves skin firmness and increases collagen production.
  • Beauty and Anti-aging: It helps reducing fine lines and wrinkles, it improves skin elasticity, balances skin tone, reduces blemishes, revitalizes the skin and increases its radiance. The results can be seen in a more youthful appearance because it alleviates sun damage, helps producing hyaluronic acid and reduces pores, which results in a smoother skin.
  • Wellness: Cryotherapy helps your health and your wellness because it reduces the pain from chronic disease such as back pain, multiple sclerosis or joint disorders like arthritis. It also helps combating headaches and insomnia because it improves sleep. Stress and anxiety are also reduced thanks to cryotherapy, and it’s also a great way to sooth dermatitis or eczemas. It can also improve immune system and organ function.