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Stretch marks: some tips to get rid of them.

Woman's stretch marks on her butt

The stretch marks are are a form of scarring on the skin that can appear for many reasons, such as pregnancy, obesity or even puberty. These marks can show up in the abdomen, legs, butt, breast and even arms. Find out how you can attenuate them.

What are they and why do they appear

The stretch marks are tearing of the dermis and the collagen, elastin  and reticulin fibres, caused by the stretching of the middle and internal layers of the skin due to pregnancy, puberty, rapid growth or rapid weight changes.

At the beggining they have a violet color, afterwards they become pink and at eventually they get white. This happens because, at first, the scar still has blood flow and it changes color when it looses the flow. That’s why the sooner you detect them the better.

We have already mentionned why they appear on our skin, but it is important to know that they can be the consequence of some diseases such as diabetes or the Cushing’s disease. The purple or dark red ones are characteristic of the excess of cortisol production or because of prolonged periods of corticoids consumption.

How to treat stretch marks

Once they have showed up in your skin, you need to follow some instructions in order to correct them the best you can. These are our tips:

  • Use an exfoliation sponge in the affected area. You will manage to remove the dead skin allowing the new skin to attenuate the stretch mark.
  • Drink a lot of water so your skin is highly hydrated. The hydrated skin improves the elasticity of the skin which helps preventing the appearance of the stretch marks.
  • Become an ally of the vitamin E, it helps reducing the scars. You can obtain this vitamin by eating spinach or almonds. You may also look for a lotion that uses this vitamin in order to rub it in the area.
  • Try to keep a healthy diet and rich in vitamins A, C, D and Zinc.
  • Musk Rose oil will prevent from the itching and will help recover the look. With perseverance and daily rubbing they will decrease.

Woman showing her stretch marks

Other treatments for stretch marks

If the lotions, creams, rubbing, and exfoliation aren’t enough, you can try these other methods.

  • Physical peelings. Thanks to the microdermabrasion you can remove the superficial layers of the skin and stimulate her regeneration.
  • Chemical peelings. Through various kinds of acids, such as the retinoic acid, glycolic acid, salicylic acid and the trichloroacetic acid, you can get a similar effect as the physical peeling. This procedure gives you a better appearance, it increases the collagen, the local moisture and the vascularisation.
  • The CO2 fractional laser. This laser generates a big amount of microscopic perforations. This tiny wounds activate the healing process and, this way, the new skin relaces the injured skin.
  • Radiofrequency. This treatment produces the gradual heating of the skin which stimulates the creation of collagen and improves the quality of the one that already exists. If you combine it with the peeling you will observe great results.