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Summer: how to get your body ready

Get ready for summer

Summer is here! It’s finally time to put away the boots and coats and jump into your bikini and little dresses. Have you managed to get rid of those extra pounds you have gained during winter? Well, if you haven’t and you wish to it’s not too late! We have some tips that will help you to get fit on time for the beach season. Healthy ways to exercise and eat if you want to make some changes before hitting the swimming pools. Enjoy your summer!

The most important thing is to not get obsessed with your weight and don’t pretend to change your whole body drastically. Let’s keep it healthy! If you combine physical exercise with a balanced diet you will see the results in no time.

  • Get off the couch and put on your sneakers 

Get ready for summer by exercisingIf you want a toned body this summer exercise is a must. Go to the gym three times per week, try to do some running or just walk! You have to get active, anywhere anytime. Try to walk minimum 30 minutes per day, it’s easy: instead of taking the bus or subway just walk to your office o back home. The perfect thing would be to walk at least 10.000 steps a day (30 minutes = 3000 steps) to burn from 350 to 450 calories; the same amount you burn in an aerobic class! It’s perfect to get toned legs and butt. Try also these exercises for the perfect butt!
Climbing stairs is also a great way to exercise daily so forget the elevator! One hour of climbing stairs is equivalent to 10 km of running and will help you burn 550 calories.

  • Run away from the sweets and the fried food

Too much sugar increases the calories and it’s unhealthy. Choose fruit instead of industrial pastries. It doesn’t mean you can’t eat sweets anymore, just try to have an equilibrated diet. Black chocolate is a great option if you feel like eating some candy. And instead of eating fried chicken or fries try to cook your meal in the oven or use less oil. Avoid empty calories that can be found in foods with solid fats and added sugars, and choose vegetables and fish. Be moderate and try not to skip meals otherwise you will be very hungry and eat to much the next meal. Check out some of these healthy recipes and get ideas for your summer meals!

  • Bad news… getting fit = avoiding alcohol

We know it’s difficult to avoid alcohol when you are in your summer vacation, cocktails are the perfect match to a day at the beach! But if you want to loose weight and get fit alcohol is definitely something you have to cut from your diet. It contains loads of empty calories that are no good for your fitness plan. Try non alcoholic cocktails to refresh your summer or some of these smoothies and juices.

  • Have always a bottle of water nearby

Get ready for summer by drinking waterHydration is essential for everybody. Water is good for your body, for your heakth, for your skin and even for your mind. You must drink water before, during and after physical exercise. Don’t wait until you get thirsty to start drinking, water is your beauty ally! It cleans and purifies your body and skin, and if you are working out you must be hydrated all the time. Besides, in summer we sweat much more so our body looses a lot of water and it needs to be replaced.

  • To get your summer body you need to rest

Sleeping at least eight hours at night will help you get fit for this summer. Resting is very important when you want to loose weight; it helps your metabolism to funtion correctly. Our brain and muscles need to recharge their batteries so sleeping is essential to get all the energy you need, especially if you are doing exercise during the day.

Are you now ready to get healthy and fit for the summer? Check out these home exercises and these yoga poses and enjoy your summer!
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