Stress Relief

Burn Fat, Tone Up, and De-Stress in 15 Minutes


Three 15-Minute Routines
Unless you count power shopping as a sport, your regular fitness routine is probably taking a hit this holiday season. No worries: Our super-speedy plans — just 15 minutes a day each — will get you in shape. The key: Do exercises back-to-back, keeping your muscles moving and your heart rate soaring, says Michelle Dozois, creator of the DVD Your Body Breakthru: Your Best Body Circuit.

Stress season? Ha! You’ll be feeling better and dropping inches before the fat season has a chance to creep up on you.

Your Holiday Survival Schedule
Don’t stress! Our foolproof six-week planner can help even the most time-crunched among us fit in a daily workout with ease. Each week mixes up the routine a bit to help keep the workouts fresh. Do at least one 15-minute session a day.

Monday Burn Fat Tone Up Rest Day De-Stress Burn Fat Tone Up
Tuesday Tone Up De-Stress Tone Up Burn Fat Rest Day Burn Fat
Wednesday De-Stress Burn Fat De-Stress Rest Day De-Stress De-Stress
Thursday Rest Day Tone Up Burn Fat Tone Up Tone Up Tone Up
Friday Burn Fat Rest Day Tone Up De-Stress Burn Fat Burn Fat
Saturday Tone Up De-Stress De-Stress Burn Fat De-Stress Rest Day
Sunday De-Stress Burn Fat Burn Fat Tone Up Tone Up De-Stress