7 food you eat daily but you shouldn’t

Woman eating salad

We eat them everyday but they can be damaging our health. These 7 food we are telling you about are very common and you probably eat them every week. Take a look!

  • Non organic strawberries: Strawberries

These fruits are exposed to many pesticides that can be dangerous for our body. According to Men’s Health magazine’s editor. David Jack, you can find 13 types of pesticides in one strawberry. That’s why  it’s highly recommended to eat organic strawberries and to avoid buying them in a normal supermarket. A lot of fruits are exposed to this products but when you peel them you can eliminate most of them.

  • White chocolate:

The cocoa seed in its natural state is really healthy because it contains a lot of antioxidants and it helps the brain functionning. Although, during the process of treatment that is done to get the white chocolate a lot of nutrients are eliminated. That’s why the blackest the chocolate is, the better it is.

  • Sprouts: 

The seed of the sprouts needs humidity and warm environments to grow, and that is a breeding ground for bacteria. So, it’s not wise to eat them raw or uncooked, you may boil them or cook them to kill the bacteria.

  • Canned food:

The metal of the can is covered  in bisphenol A resin which provoques synthetic estrogens to get in our organism and can affect our hormonal functionning. It’s is better to eat food that in contained in crystal or tetabrik packs.

  • Swordfish:
Chunks of swordfish

Chunks of swordfish

Because of its high mercury content, the swordfish meat is not healthy. Mercury interferes in the nervous system development during gestation and childhood, that’s why pregnant women may not eat this kind of fish during the pregnancy.

  • Margarine:

We often think that margarine is healthier than butter, but it’s not quite true. It is true that it’s less greasy ad it has less calories that butter but it also contains a lot of trans fat that make your cholesterol grow.

  • Frozen food:

The problem with frozen food is that they add salt and they are very processed. Most of the times we buy the whole meal already done and frozen, and many nutrients disappear this way. It is better to eat fresh and natural food and cook it yourself, even if it takes more time, they will be tastier also.