Acne: how food can influence

Acne: how can food influence.

Acne is not something that affects only teenagers. Everybody can suffer it. Greasy skins, hormones, and specific food can help acne to show up on your face. But what is it exactly and how is it caused? Let’s have a look and see what kind of food can influence the acne appearance.

What is acne and how does it show up?

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that involves the oil glands at the base of hair follicles. Normaly it appears during puberty when the sebaceous glands start to be active.
What happens when you have pimples is that your pores, which are connected to oil glands via follicles, get blocked by an accumulation of oil under the skin and that creates a plug that gets infected by bacteria.

Woman cleansing her face to avoid acne.

Woman cleansing her face to avoid acne.

Even though acne it’s not originated by what we eat, we can be able to control the symptoms or help avoiding its appearance through our diet. It is basicly caused by hormones, and more precisely by a rise in androgen levels which make the oil glands under the skin grow. The androgen rises when someone becomes a teenager, that is why puberty is the most frequent time to experience it.

Although, if you never had acne problems you might not be affected by food. But there are some specific foods that can help the pimples to show up on your face, that is why, if you have acne problems, try to avoid this type of food:

Avoid eating sugary food to prevent acne.

Avoid eating sugary food to prevent acne.

  • Sugar. The food that contains lots of sugar and elevates rapidly the glucose, estimulates the liberation of insuline which is a hormone that helps the liberation of oil in your skin. So it’s better to avoid sugary food such as candy, pastries, ice cream… and of course, chocolate! Although, dark chocolate is recommended because it boasts antioxidants which protect your skin from free radical damage.
  • Dairy. Milk products such as cheese or cow milk can cause spikes in the hormones that control the zit production. Just as sugary food, dairy helps the insuline liberation. But you can have yogurt such as greek or kefir, because it helps preventing the bacteria from forming in your body.
Greasy and fat food help acne appearance.

Greasy and fat food help acne appearance.

  • Fats and greasy food. Things like french fries, pizza, peanut butter… makes you more oily. When you eat fat your skin gets more oily and that provoques the obstruction of the pores. Salty food is also bad for acne and helps its appearance. Although, the fatty acid omega 3 helps your skin to be healthier.
  • Eat fruits and vegetables, drink water and add vitamins A, E and D to your diet. A healthy diet it’s the clue to prevent your face from an invasion. Good sleep and exercise are also the clues in order to have a clean and healthy skin.

If you follow these simple rules and tips you might see that your zits start to disappear. You can also try our anti-acne recipe, you will love it!