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Tuna with soya sauce and sesame seeds

Tuna with soya sauce and sesame

We are at this time of the year when you don’t quite know if you shoukd wear a coat or sandals, if we should get the scarfs already and put away our short jeans. Summertime hasn’t quite said godbye and winter isn’t here yet. This complicates both our wardrobe and diet. What to eat to match the weather? We don’t want to be roasting eating a stew, but we had enough of cold salads. Well, start writing down because we are bringing you the perfect and easiest recipe for this crazy weather: grilled tuna fish with soya sauce and sesame seeds.


  • 1 or 2 tuna steaks¬†(it depends on the people who’s eating or on how hungry you are).
  • 1¬†bottle of soya sauce.
  • Olive oil.
  • Sesame seeds.

Chunks of tuna


Even for those who don’t cook a lot, this recipe is really easy and very healthy.

  • In a pan pour a stream of olive oil, not too much, just enough so the steak won’t stick to the pan. Remember that we are going to pour the soya sauce so it’s not going to be dry.
  • When the oil is hot enough put the tuna fish steaks. You can add salt, therefore I don’t recommend it because tuna is a quite salty fish and the soya sauce has a lot of salt too.
  • When the steaks start to be cooked add the sesame seeds on them.
  • Once the steaks are a little bit done pour the soya sauce. Don’t let the steaks get too cooked, you don’t want them to be dry and it’s better if they get cooked with the sauce so they are soaked in it.
    You can use as much sauce as you want but I recommend to be careful, we don’t want too much sauce on the tuna. If at the end you didn’t put enough you can always add some once it’s on your plate.
  • When the tuna is done the way you like it you can take them out and they are ready to be eaten!

Side dishes:

As it’s a recipe for cold or hot weather you can eat it wih whatever you prefer. You can even eat the tuna steaks cold.
If you want to eat them during hot weather I recommend you accompany them with a tomato salad with cucumber, avocato and lettuce. You can also chop the tuna and make a salad with it and use the soya sauce and the sesame seeds as a dressing.

Boiled vegetables

Is it cold outside and you want a hot meal? Then you can eat your steaks with oven potatoes, rice or boiled vegetables. You can also make grilled vegetables as a side dish, very tasty and very healthy!