Tips to avoid eating too much

Woman eating salad

One of the many challenges we face when we are on a diet is not eating big amounts of food when we are at the table, at least try. Here we have 5 tips that will help you take control of the anxiety and the hunger when lunch or dinner time arrive.

  1. Drink a big glass of water 20 minutes before eating. It will full your stoach and will help you avoid too much eating.
  2. Eat slowly. Your brain spends 10 to 15 minutes to realise all we have eaten and to send out the message that we had enough food to your body. Therefore, if you eat really fast you will ingest more food. Avoid eating while you watch TV o your phone and try to speak with someone during your lunch. this way you will slow down.
  3. Eat your food in small plates. The same amount of food in a smaller plate will look like there is more, you will trick your brain and you will feel you had enough to eat.
  4. If you get very anxious, wait 15 minutes before putting the food in your mouth. You will see how the anxiety disappears.
  5. To avoid anxiety try to eat a small amount of food every 3 hours, this way your metabolism will be active and the sugar levels stable, avoiding the insulin variation.


Hand with Pen Writing a Shopping List in a Supermarket

Grocery shopping list

While shopping avoid buying unhealthy products, such as chips, cupcakes, chocolate… Write down your groceries list before going to the supermarket and after you have eaten (if your stomach is full you will have ess temptations).

If you don’t buy it you don’t eat it.